D + E

D +E consists of a video which shows an almost primitive ritual which people go through in order to concretise and exorcise their fears. The result of the ritual is the formation of small metal objects which are displayed on Plexiglas with three spot lights, placed behind the TV screen, shining on them. The TV is placed on the floor and other metal objects are also on the floor. The viewer is invited to pick up the metal objects and find shapes which externalise their fears. It is an artwork that shows both the process and the result. The two Plexiglas shelves had two holes on each side through which I threaded string for hanging them. For extra stability, I placed nails on the bottom of the Plexiglas.My art can be described as an unorthodox and abstract self-portrait that depicts my fears. It might not show my face on a painting but it is the extrication of my fears. The work was important to me as my art became therapeutic as it allowed me to face and share my fears. Modernized version it is a portrait of my fears.


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