A big fan of yours

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Author: Cleanthia

Everyone is unique, but also part of the universe. It is important to balance this uniqueness with belonging to the whole. Artists need to define themselves within this context and find the confidence to believe in themselves. As I experienced new images, situations and emotions, I developed the self-confidence to express myself through my work. Immersing myself in a new culture and blending with people from different backgrounds made me appreciate the vital importance of opening my eyes, my heart and my mind to new ideas. I also saw the value of trying to help others by giving constructive advice and welcoming the advice and ideas of others as only through this exchange can I improve and enrich my work. Feeding the brain is essential and books are the ideal and complete food. They fire the imagination and arouse my curiosity which is a basic ingredient not just for me but for any artist. I also have as a basic rule to create art that can fit into my luggage as losing it would be like losing part of myself. I also firmly believe in quality over quantity as artists are not printing machines but thinkers.