The Conscious Unconsciousness

The short film entitled ‘Conscious Unconsciousness’ was inspired by Bill Viola and is based on a true story. It is silent, and no faces are shown as it aims to illustrate the purification of emotions and the ensuing renewal as in Greek tragedies. This story is based on death and the renewal that exists through love. In 1974, a young mother was murdered. She was found by the peace-keeping forces a few days later with her child at her breast. The child had been spared either intentionally or unintentionally. The mother’s love superseding her death kept her newborn alive. The infant brought hope to her family who were thankful that the child had survived. Blessed by her mother’s love and surrounded by her family, she was brought up knowing that her life was a gift. She is now in her forties, married, with children of her own. Her story brought many tears when it first became known, but it was also a reminder that love vanquishes death

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