The voices

Due to the artist living in two different countries and has two mother tongues, she decided to create a bilingual interactive sound documentary. The stories might not be important to the audience or they might not be able to relate to them, but it is a way for the artist to find out more information about her family which can be passed on easily to the next generation. As the stories are related by the original people, they will retain their validity and authenticity withstanding the test of time.


Instructions on how to approach the work

Step 1. Sit or lie on the carpet

Step 2. Open one of the two boxes

Step 3. There are a number of cassette tapes wrapped in paper

Step 4. Use the cassette player to listen to the cassette

Step 5. The piece of paper provides the translation from English to Greek and Greek to English

Step 6. Once the recording on the cassette has ended, kindly rewind the cassette, rewrap the cassette and place it in the box

Step 7. Repeat the process until you run out of tapes

DSC_0205triple edited

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